Monday, July 11

Where's the beef? I mean where's the glass.

On Sunday Jonah and I went out to Brooklyn Flea for about an hour before the heat made us high tail it home. But we did find a few treasures that we didn't necessarily need but definitely wanted. And wants are good to give into. Right Mom? Right.

First up we got this amazing Schaefer beer tray for $5. Jonah actually found it and I think it'll work perfect for serving lunch, lemonade, or you know, beer.

And we also found this awesome old timey pitcher, something I've been looking for for a looooooong time. And at 15 bones, I thought it was on the steeper side but loved the way it looked, and the heft that it had. Why don't new pitchers come with that same heft? It makes me think of those old Wendy's "Where's the beef?" commercials, but you know the glass version "where's the glass?" You follow?

Anyways $20 bucks later came home with both of 'em and I think they'll make a perfect addition to our kitchen and the vintage-ifying of the apt.

Did you find any treasures this weekend? Do you like to make little murals with your vintage finds too? Am I a weirdo? (Don't answer that one).

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