Tuesday, July 12

The Great Desktop Cleanup.

I was cleaning off my laptop desktop today when I came across a smattering of interesting things that made me laugh so hard, and well, some of them I swear someone else put them on my desktop as I don’t think I’ve ever seen them. Like this Fabrege egg complete with tiny elephant and elephant rider, and umm, does he have a mini gold gun?

See this collection of vintage cameras taken on a [vintage] Polaroid, yah I probably have that many cameras at home, but I know for a fact this came from the Interwebs.

Truth, that’s all I got to say about this.

I have no idea where this misty-water-colored lady came from, but I love her. She isn’t weird, she’s probably the most “normal” thing I have on this desktop clean up. I wish I knew where she came from. *Sigh.

Then I found this awesome list of ways to stay creative, and made the smart decision to make it my background, because well – I have a creative job and I thought it might be handy to look at on the reg.

And then, I found three hobgoblins that my work partner, Garret and I made. This was from a while back and made me laugh so hard I snorted.



There are.

The puppies.

I have a confession: whenever I’m having a bad day / moment / email / lunch…I look at puppies. Normally French Bulldogs, Daschunds or Mini Australian Shepards. It could be seen as a healthy obsession with cuteness, ok it is weird, but you’d probably do it too and just don’t put it on your blog.

So my question [to anyone reading out there] have you found any gems in your desktop clean up? Anything that made you laugh so hard you snorted?

Monday, July 11

Where's the beef? I mean where's the glass.

On Sunday Jonah and I went out to Brooklyn Flea for about an hour before the heat made us high tail it home. But we did find a few treasures that we didn't necessarily need but definitely wanted. And wants are good to give into. Right Mom? Right.

First up we got this amazing Schaefer beer tray for $5. Jonah actually found it and I think it'll work perfect for serving lunch, lemonade, or you know, beer.

And we also found this awesome old timey pitcher, something I've been looking for for a looooooong time. And at 15 bones, I thought it was on the steeper side but loved the way it looked, and the heft that it had. Why don't new pitchers come with that same heft? It makes me think of those old Wendy's "Where's the beef?" commercials, but you know the glass version "where's the glass?" You follow?

Anyways $20 bucks later came home with both of 'em and I think they'll make a perfect addition to our kitchen and the vintage-ifying of the apt.

Did you find any treasures this weekend? Do you like to make little murals with your vintage finds too? Am I a weirdo? (Don't answer that one).

Sunday, July 10

I'm baaaaaaaaaa-aaaack!

Ok. Ok. So this whole thing of "having a blog" well, I really haven't followed through with it. But after a few months of plotting where the hell I want to take this thang, I think I have it figured out. Ok, fine. We'll see about that, but lets give it the ol' college try. In this space you'll now find: vintage finds, pics of my daily life in NYC, recipes up the ying-yang, and apartment improvement projects. All this could basically be summed up as my life distilled especially for the Internet, I hope you like :)

p.s. In case you can't tell these are images of my daily life in NYC, but umm, back in March. Oh well, so much happier its warmer now.