Tuesday, July 12

The Great Desktop Cleanup.

I was cleaning off my laptop desktop today when I came across a smattering of interesting things that made me laugh so hard, and well, some of them I swear someone else put them on my desktop as I don’t think I’ve ever seen them. Like this Fabrege egg complete with tiny elephant and elephant rider, and umm, does he have a mini gold gun?

See this collection of vintage cameras taken on a [vintage] Polaroid, yah I probably have that many cameras at home, but I know for a fact this came from the Interwebs.

Truth, that’s all I got to say about this.

I have no idea where this misty-water-colored lady came from, but I love her. She isn’t weird, she’s probably the most “normal” thing I have on this desktop clean up. I wish I knew where she came from. *Sigh.

Then I found this awesome list of ways to stay creative, and made the smart decision to make it my background, because well – I have a creative job and I thought it might be handy to look at on the reg.

And then, I found three hobgoblins that my work partner, Garret and I made. This was from a while back and made me laugh so hard I snorted.



There are.

The puppies.

I have a confession: whenever I’m having a bad day / moment / email / lunch…I look at puppies. Normally French Bulldogs, Daschunds or Mini Australian Shepards. It could be seen as a healthy obsession with cuteness, ok it is weird, but you’d probably do it too and just don’t put it on your blog.

So my question [to anyone reading out there] have you found any gems in your desktop clean up? Anything that made you laugh so hard you snorted?

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